Day 3 – Brisbane City

I hit the hay very early last night, I was home (staying with Lynda as she has more room) by 7:30 and asleep more than likely by 8:00! I was falling asleep at dinner. Thankfully I slept all night, except between 3 and 4 I was awake playing Bejeweled, and woke to my alarm at 7.

We drove into Brisbane, parked the car, and walked up to King George Square. Thankfully most parks in Brisbane have free wifi! That made me very excited, thus the random additions of photos while we were there.

Took a tour of city hall, and went up an elevator (they call them lifts here) to the clock tower, so I got some nice photos of the surrounding city. A nice mix of sandstone older buildings, new shiny skyscrapers and beautiful parks.

Has lunch at a restaurant in King George Square called Groove Train. Gets points for coolest restaurant name ever. I had a chicken satay with rice and it was DELICIOUS.

They have something called a city sights bus, it’s a transit bus that’s free and takes you to all the major sights, you can hop on and hop off — I think all cities should have that!!

We took the bus to the river and a spot called the Eagle Street Pier, lots of restaurants and patios, overlooking the river and the Story Bridge. Great spot for a “session”. Speaking of stories heres a true story:

Carolyn: What is the river called?
Lori: Brisbane River. We’re simple people, we don’t like to complicate things.
Carolyn: Makes sense.
*go city hall, see a room, look at the name plate it reads ‘Brisbane Room’, realize Lori is correct*

Lori and family play a game they call “high low”, go around and ask what the high point of your day was and the low. So I’ll include that after each blog and my word of the day!

Word of the Day: Drongo. An idiot or dope. Said in a joking manner – it’s not a major insult.
High: Botanical Gardens & long sleep!
Low: Was feeling dizzy again this aft (had that a lot yesterday, seems to happen when I travel).

And now we’re running to Woolworths quick (I know right?!) and then watching “Building Australia” on the History Channel. Good night!


Day 2 – Flight to Australia & “Orientation” Day

Hey all!

Well I finally made it to the land of Oz! The flight was quite long, 14 hours. I was worried I wouldn’t sleep; when Scott and I honeymooned in Egypt the day we got there I was like a zombie, I nearly fell asleep in my chicken curry. Mostly it was because I got very little sleep on our first flight from Toronto to Frankfurt (8 hours). So THIS time I came prepared, namely, DRUGS. I got myself some sleeping pills to help my flight go quicker.

The thing you need to know about me and medication is, I don’t react to a lot of them very well. So I get nervous when I’m on a new medication for whatever reason. This was no different. There I am, in a dark plane, popping sleeping pills. Once it starts to kick in (“uh oh, that’s not normal…”) then the worry hits. Am I supposed to feel like this? Is my throat closing? Maybe I should call the flight attendant and explain myself. Panic, panic, swallowing water hard as I’m still convinced my throat is closing and swallowing water feels like glue. My whole body is getting hot (more from me panicking in silence than the meds I think), and I’m getting drowsy, but now I’m fighting it. Only 11 more hours to go… Oh God. But, the next thing I notice is I only have 9 hours to go, hmm I just slept 2 hours? Ok good! I close my eyes, open them and suddenly only 6 hours to go, then 3, and that’s when it wore off. Pretty good I’d say!!

So, I landed safely and was met by my family down here – both women were crying! How touching!! It’s so good to see them again, and we can’t believe it’s been 3 years since their visit to Canada.

Today was “Orientation Day” on my schedule made for me by Lori. Basically her mandate is to drive me around, show me things, and keep me awake!! So we drove around suburbs of Brisbane, we saw Redcliffe where we had breakfast on a patio – I ordered the “American” breakfast which was 2 fried eggs, a pancake and bacon all smothered in maple syrup! Ascot & Clayfield (the she-she-foo-foo area) and we stopped at the Clayfield Market for fresh fruits and veggies. We also went to a liquor store where I learned that liquor here is VERY pricy! $40 for a 26er of Smirnoff Vodka?? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Now we are just getting ready for supper. As I log off I’ll teach you a new word I learned today! Bogan: person who takes little pride in his appearance, spends his days slacking and drinking beer. LOL!!

DAY 1!!

OMG!!! It’s officially here!!! DAY 1!

Technically I still have 1 more sleep but who are we kidding?! I’m not gonna sleep!!

So right off the bat my flight is changed. Instead of an easy direct flight to LA, now I have to fly to New York first. I’m kinda pissed, I book direct flights for a reason! The good news about that is my layover in LA has gone from 12 hours to just 6, so I don’t have to worry about booking a room or anything, I’ll just stay at the airport. Yawn. But I’ll have lots of time for blogging for you fine people!

An added bonus to my trip is my new companion Tabby. He’s my niece Maddie’s stuffed tabby cat. I wanted something to take photos of at places I go to (we have a long standing family “tradition” of taking pictures with stuffed things. Ask about Snuggle to any of my siblings or Mom). So Tabby will be my travel companion, guide, drinking buddy and conscience at times I’m sure. *Cue music from Castaway “WILSONNNNN!!!!” Or rather “TAABBBBYYYYY!!!”

So I’m off to dreamland/tossing & turning. Leaving the house at 8am Toronto time, sharp! Good night, hang tight.




I decided today I’m going to create a YouTube channel and post all my silly goings-on while I’m traveling in Australia. I was particularly inspired by my cousin Bria who is currently traveling in Korea. She posted a hilarious vid of people demonstrating candy making – it’s just the sort of perfect travel thing to capture – people showing how something unique to their country is being made – and making it completely endearing by attempting a lot of it in a sing-songy way. Brilliant!
That said, I’m really hoping I can find anything half as fabulous as that (“in English! Oh. My. God. O. M. G. Jesus Christ My Lord!”). You really need to see it. I’ll work my magic and see if I can post it here. Too enjoyable not to share!
19 more sleeps…. đŸ˜‰
watch video here. hopefully it works?!