Day 11 – Lori’s Birthday at Dreamworld

Today was Lori’s 40th birthday!! It’s the major reason why I came when I did, and I’m certainly glad I did 🙂 Instead of singing the traditional Happy Birthday song, we decided to go with the less traditional Oi Oi Oi song. So when I say Lori, you say <>

Lori, Lori, Lori!!!
Lori, Lori, Lori!!!
Lori!! OI!!
Lori!! OI!!
Lori, Lori, Lori!!!


We went to Dreamworld which is a little like Wonderland, run by Dreamworks Entertainment, so they have movie themed kids areas like Madagascar Land, a Shrek part called Forever After, and a Kung Fu Panda section that looked like little China! So cute!!

We went and saw the tigers first and had our pics done with a beautiful 175kilo (385lb) 14 year old tiger named Rama. I have to admit I was kinda freaked out – they are huge!!! This is a bucket list thing for Lori and its amazing seeing someone’s bucket list thing get crossed off! Such a great feeling! Then we were off to cross off MY bucket list thing and that was cuddling a koala!!!! His name was Artie and he was a year and a half. Don’t know how heavy, no more than either of my cats I suppose. They move very slowly like sloths, are generally considered lazy aka “drunk on eucalyptus” but are SOOO friggin cute!

After that we fed some kangaroos, went on a couple of water rides, and it was already mid afternoon! We spent the day with Lori, Lynda & Matt as usual, but also had Lori’s friends Lynny and Kerri with us, who were great fun — my kinda peeps!! And made me feel very welcome and just like one of the gang 🙂 Thanks ladies! Hoping to see more of them before I go, even if Lynny refuses to go on Facebook.

High: koala cuddles!!
Low: how my hands smell after koala cuddles :s
WOD: snag. A slang term for a sausage.


2 thoughts on “Day 11 – Lori’s Birthday at Dreamworld

  1. I love the format of your blog! Just read through most of it! My fiancee and I are traveling from Southern Ontario to Australia in September, following your blog to find out some nice things to do. I also like the high/low and word of the day idea!

    • Thanks Gingy & Sama for reading!! You will LOVE Australia. IMHO: if you like a quieter beach day type experience with cafés, then spend more time at Sunshine Coast than Gold Coast (unless you prefer more action & nightlife). And if you go to the Whitsundays from down south — FLY THERE LOL!!!!!
      Thanks again for the love! Keep reading, I’m here til the 27th haha!!

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