Day 20 & 21 – Travel Days to Sydney

These two days have been relatively uneventful considering the rest of my trip, but some interesting sites were seen along the way. It is over 900kms from Brisbane to Sydney, and we left after EJ finished school, so we had to stay overnight in Coffs Harbour – roughly half way. Just getting started was slow, lots of traffic (Friday afternoon) and ‘roadworks’ (construction). We didn’t get into Coffs until around 10, so we got there and crashed. We stayed at the big windmill comfort inn, quite fitting with our big things tour!!

Along the way I’ve been getting familiar with Shaun the Sheep thanks to Bam-Bam, I think I’m a fan, but I actually have to watch a couple episodes to know for sure! Same people who make Wallace & Grommet and the movie Chicken Run. I’ll report back!

Before we left Coffs Harbour, we visited the big banana! And on the road we stopped at a truck atop shaped like Uluru. I also passed signs for Merrimac (which made me giggle, waddap GreatBigSea), and Toronto!! Which apparently is a burb of Sydney. They also have these really cool koala bridges here!! They’re like rope bridges that go across the highway to keep all the little critters like koalas and possums safe while crossing the freeway! See the pics, in case you’re wondering what those are.

We are now nestled in our home for the next three sleeps. It’s noticibly colder here than Brisbane, going to 3*C overnight and I’m wearing socks, hiking shoes and a thin sweater – all for the first time since I landed July 29th, it IS winter here you know! I’ve been so spoiled!! *flashback to Whitsundays*. However, I’m cozy, the heater is on, the vodka coolers are warming my tummy and I’m snuggled under a blanket, spending time with all you good folks!! Could life get ANY better? I’m just calling this “Barrie Autumn Practice”, so far I’m nailin’ it!!!! Oh, and word up to 96.1FM The Edge in Sydney. Thanks for all the good tunes (then she hears Justin Beiber…ugh). Sorry Australia for that kid, don’t know what to tell you, except don’t let your kids post stuff on YouTube or they’ll become famous. Good night all 😉

High: The Big Banana, of course. Way exciting!
Low: Leaving summer land….. Brrrr
WOD: Cuppa. Slang for “cup of” coffee or tea etc. “Stoppin for a cuppa”


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