Day 23 – Bathurst & Leura

Today we took a drive out in the country, further west toward Bathurst. Apparently it’s been known to snow in those parts. Being in a new state, I’ve noticed a big change in the landscape as well, trees are much more dense, and they have more deciduous trees that are leafless due to the colder weather. You really can notice how much it feels like winter here. Not OUR winter, mind you, but winter nonetheless. And it’s a good reminder of the saying about Queensland; beautiful one day, perfect the next! SO TRUE! Not sure what the saying for New South Wales is, but I do find myself pining for summerland up north!!

The weather was a little bleak today, and we thought we may see snow, but didn’t. We did however see big things!! I got pictures of a big gold miner, and we also passed a big miners lantern.

Once we got back to town, we stopped in Leura. It’s similar to a Niagara on the Lake type place, lots of neat little shops, cafés and restaurants, just a small little place nestled in the blue mountains. So quaint! We ate at a neat little cafe called the Wayzgoose, I had pumpkin soup, toast and peach iced tea – yummy, and such an autumn like meal.

Oh yes, and as we were settling in for the night, it snowed briefly! Wet snow, as it was hovering around 0°c. Didn’t last long, but it was neat to see. Amazing that I was up at the Great Barrier Reef last week snorkeling among the coral!!! Goodness!!

High: Leura – quaint place!
Low: seeing snow! Brrrr I’m not ready!!
WOD: Quince: a type of fruit that grows here (and lots of other places like Nova Scotia I’m learning!) that is shaped and smells much like an apple or pear, but is too butter to eat raw. It’s generally used in jams and sweet treats 🙂


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