Day 24 – Sydney!!

One guess what my High is for today!! And I felt a little teary with Tabby on my shoulder and Lori freezing her ass off with me…. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We drove about an hour into the city. Our first stops on the tour were Watson’s Bay and Bondi Beach. There’s a cliff to climb at Watson’s Bay that show you the North Head (from the South Head), the rock formations that Captain Cook sailed right past, and landed on Botany Bay (makes me think of Star Trek). Lots of climbing to start my day, and my first views of the Sydney skyline off in the distance. Next stop was Bondi Beach, which Lori doesn’t like much (she thinks it’s small), but if I grew up in Summerland I’d probably think it’s small too!! But it’s one of the more popular beaches in Sydney and couldn’t be missed. They had this really long wall covered in graffiti art – very cool.

Next stop was our hotel, which is right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge!! Then I dragged Lori out with me to get some shots of the bridge and the opera house. It was an amazing walk, and we stayed out til dark freezing our butts off getting my “iconic” Sydney shots that I’ve been planning for months!! You’ll have to wait and see those ones, but even the iPics turned out pretty good!! So there you have it – amazing moment #2 where I wanted to cry!! I’m happy to be here & feeling blessed again.

Oh, and it’s a week today when I’ll be on a plane coming home. So crazy sad. We’ve been trying to come up with ways that Scott and I can immigrate. So far we’ve decided Brisbane needs a double decker tour bus, and I’m licensed now, and Lynda is called Lyndapedia for a reason, so she’s my wing-man, and Lori and Matt are in charge of buying the bus. Makes sense to me!

High: Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House
Low: Leaving a week today! 😦
WOD: Povo. Short for poverty or impoverished – like a Povo wedding (meaning a cheap ass wedding). Not sure I’m spelling that right lol.


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