Day 25 – More Sydney

We started the day visiting the Queen Victoria Building, it’s a beautiful old building building that was completed in 1898, and restored in 1986. I asked what it was originally used for (as its now like a shopping mall, but way nicer and more quaint), and it turns out it was designed as a big shopping centre! I don’t think I’ve been in a mall that old before! It’s so beautiful! Inside there’s a hug clock called the Great Australian Clock, it has a little ship that sails around it, through different tableaux’s of the places Captain Cook sailed past when he first discovered Australia. It also has other depictions of life here pre and post occupation. Including ‘the taking of the children’. Kinda gruesome. It also has a big arm that will show you the date.

After the QVB, we went to Vaucluse House, an old homestead that was used from 1827-1862. It has beautiful gardens around it with walking paths all through it. The house is only open for tours on the weekends, so I didn’t get to see inside which kinda sucks, but still walking around the place was nice. Much different architecture here than Newstead House in Brisbane, this place was all stone compared to wooden structures up north. Which goes the same for all the houses, lots of stone and brick, as well as some beautiful sandstone, all designed for a bit cooler weather.

On our way to our Captain Cook “Highlights” cruise, Lori and I happened to stumble upon my favorite Guylian shell chocolates, in the form of a CAFÉ!!! Brilliant. Chocotastic!!! Moving on… So we went on a nice harbour cruise and saw all the Sydney highlights, some of which I’ve already seen myself on land, Circular Quay, Royal Botanical Gardens, Mrs. Macquarie’s chair, Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour and of course all the multi-million dollar homes all around the harbour (upwards of 30 million, plus!!).

As we were walking back to our hotel, which is on the closest pier next to the bridge, we walked through the oldest area of Sydney called “The Rocks” as most of the buildings were made of local sandstone (I google all of my grand assumptions first). It reminded me a bit if Old Town Quebec, with stone cobble streets and really gorgeous old buildings. And chocolate cafés. Yes.

High: gotta love the Queen Victoria Building – so ornate!
Low: the diesel stink on the cruise. It actually reminded me of a dinner cruise we had our last night in Cairo – and not in a good way 😖
WOD: Budgie smugglers. What we would call “speedos”‘ or a banana hammock. Lol!!


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