Day 26 – Ayers Rock

We said goodbye to Sydney this morning for a 10:30 flight to Ayers Rock. Lets talk bucket list for a moment shall we? The big bucket list item was of course coming to Australia. But if we break it down into subcategories, Ayers Rock is FIRST on that list, with stars around it, flags flying nearby and a rousing march by DeSousa playing in the background. I’m hoping you get the point. And I’m here now….nuff said.

My first view of Uluru was getting off the plane, which was exciting! I kept tearing up just thinking about it, especially when we were waiting at the airport for our plane. We checked into our hotel, and 2 hours later were on our sunset tour and BBQ! There was a lot of build up about crying here, and I actually didn’t. I think the difference between this and swimming the reef, is here I had all my gear and a job to do. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to get this shot, so I didn’t want to mess it up, I was focused and remarkably unemotional. Who knows, we still have a breakfast tour tomorrow!!

So after sunset pics we had a BBQ at the cultural centre, outside among the stars. They had steak, chicken, shrimp (prawns), kangaroo, sausage, potatoes, salad. It was all so good — and YES I tried kangaroo. It was ok, reminded me of beef (chewing it forever – which is why I don’t eat beef), with a hint of gamey, but not bad. They can’t cook it rare or medium though apparently, it has to be cooked well through, so I found it kind of tough, I’d probably like it in a stew much more, as I will eat a beef stew if its nice and tender and fall apart. So, if you like beef, you’d like roo.

After the meal we did a bit of star gazing as there isn’t a town for 450 kms so the skies are über clear! I got a picture of Scorpio, the moon which was full last night so pretty bright tonight still, the southern cross (which doesn’t contain the south star, as that doesn’t exist!), and it on the Australian flag (and New Zealand, New Guinea, ams Brazil as well we learned!!). Then on the way back to the hotel we listened to a few songs like “Rain on the Rock” and of course “Waltzing Matilda” which is about as Aussie as Stompin’ Tom’s “The Hockey Song” is Canadian. It was great to hear everyone singing along and feeling good; my smile was a mile wide!

Ok…off to bed now.

High: duh….. the Rock of course!!
Low: it’s going too fast 😦
WOD: itchy grub. a caterpillar (the processionary caterpillar to be exact), their hairs will actually make your skin itchy, sometimes for days!!


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