Day 27 – Ayers Rock Pt. 2

We had a very early start today, up at 4:30 for all of us to shower and get ready for a 6:00am pick up for our Sunrise Breakfast – including bacon and egg sandwiches and damper (see WOD below). We drove up to sand dunes to watch the sun rise in the east across the desert. The guide Eric was very knowledgable about all the flora and fauna in the area. Which I’m surprised to learn about myself, I actually do want to know what flowers and trees are called! And I’m so grateful that we got to see the desert in bloom!! Apparently they had a lot of rain in July and the desert has woken up and blossomed. A very early spring I guess 🙂 later on (like December) it will be 46°c in the shade he claims, and 20° at night whew!! For months! No reprieve!!

After that we went for a walk around the base, and got some really great photos. Such a beautiful place!! We also saw a waterhole (yep there was water!) and some aboriginal drawings in a cave area, where they would have taught their children their stories of creation.

Now we are wrapping up our whirlwind tour and flying back to Brisbane via Sydney. Gonna be a long travel day again, probably won’t get right home until 10pm or so.

High: seeing Uluru up close & learning about the vegetation
Low: more traveling again so soon? Lol
WOD: Damper. This is a traditional bread typically made in the outback on coals by drovers and swagmen.


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