Day 28 – Laundry and documenting “Day 17 – The Missing Day”

It’s laundry day today, we’ve been gone to the Blue Mountains, Sydney and Uluru for a week now, time to chillax for part of a day! Which brings me conveniently to my next topic. The Missing Day – Day 17″.

We all got into a heated discussion about how Lori refuses to let me miss ANYTHING, no days off, keep it moving people! I said I had only had one day off (see Day 9), but she insisted I’ve had 2. I said “I can prove it, I’ll look at my blog. I’ve been religiously and meticulously documenting EVERY DAY.” As it turns out, I did miss blogging a day, but it’s mainly because it was a day off and I largely spent it loafing on the couch and getting my nails done. Ok, so way back on Day 17 – August 13th…. *cue time travel music from Wayne’s World*

Matt and Lori had an appointment, so I asked to get dropped off at the mall so I could get my nails done, and have a wander around. They had a really cool Bali/Indonesian shop with so much awesome stuff I wanted to buy it all!! But, I refrained as A) I’m in Australia and I should be buying Australian things 2) I don’t have enough room in my luggage and D) (for Pat) the lady who worked at that shop was so annoying! She assumed I was American (I get that like…….. A LOT) went was like “Oh, it must be cold in Toronto right now” and I said “Well, no it’s our summer. It was like 40˚ not too long ago” Then she went on to tell me at GREAT length all about how her family is going to the UK for two months, and her son is only bringing a jumper (sweater) and thinks that will be warm enough and blah blah blah. I literally started backing away from her until I was far enough away that her talking to me across the store didn’t make any sense. At least you can’t say she wasn’t friendly!

So, got my nails done, went home then we headed out to downtown to get some night shots with my camera. I love Brisbane, the skyline and river and bridges (particularly the Story Bridge) are all beautiful. Sydney is very iconic and was lovely as well, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge is huge, however, all said and done I think I prefer Brisbane. Got some great evening shots of the bridge – including selfies and that was Day 17!

Another thing I keep meaning to mention is how Aussies shorten words and add an o at the end. For example, here they call liquor stores “bottle shops” or bottle-o for short. Afternoon is shortened to arvo, registration for your car is rego, and they have travelling fish mongers that they call fisho, and you’ll mainly find them at the servo (service station). So go out, hit the  bottle-o, then spend the arvo with the fish from the fisho at the servo, but not until you’ve paid your rego.

Tonight *cue music to travel forward to Day 28* we are heading out to a GHOST WALK at the Toowong Cemetery!!! If you know me, you’ll know this is my jam. I love ghost walks. I did one for a birthday, my bachlorette was a haunted walk, so I’m pretty excited! We’re told that close toed shoes are mandatory! Don’t know why but maybe I’ll find out — perhaps they have a ghost with a foot fetish, wouldn’t want to get them excited! It was a good ghost walk, full of interesting stories. One of the participants was a physically/mentally disabled girl in a wheelchair. Props to her dad for wheeling her around some of the biggest hills I’ve ever walked up! The thing that threw me was, she was the groaning type; if you’ve ever worked with the developmentally disabled you’ll know what I mean (Karen & Mom!) and that not only added to the ambiance of a haunted walk, but took it up a notch really. Sweet girl, always smiling (I think, it was dark), but MAN did she send shivers up my neck a few times. I’m saying to Matt, “was that HER? Or something else?!”. Awesome!


High: (for today) Ghost Walk

Low: (for today) it’s only 3 sleeps til I leave 😦


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