Day 29 – The Footie

Today was Matt’s dad’s birthday, we were all invited out for lunch to celebrate, but I woke up feeling like complete and utter crap. So, I bowed out and decided to stay home and rest up. For some reason I always seem to get sick at the end of vacations. Mind you, that’s better than getting sick at the beginning I guess; but naturally I’d prefer to not get sick at all. So, at home with a headache, sore throat and cramps, I wasted much of the day on the internet, and texting Scott while he was at work, conveniently working nights!

In the late afternoon we headed down to The Gabba, Brisbane’s cricket and AFL field, to see the Brisbane Lions take on the Western Bulldogs. I asked “Western where?” and they said they are from western Melbourne. The very first goal was by my new favourite player, Daniel Rich. I noticed him more on the reply over the big screen, what a cutie!! Haha! And apparently I made a good pick as my favourite because he is kind of a super star, really good player! This was my first (and probably only) Aussie Rules football game, and I gotta say, it beat the heck out of Canadian or American football – WAY faster paced. They don’t stop for ANYTHING! Two Bulldog players hit head to head, knocked each other unconscious, and everyone just kept playing around them! I’m shouting “STOP THE GAME! STOP THE GAME!”. Eventually they realized there were two unconscious people on the field so it stopped for a bit, but geez! They’re tough sons of bitches!

A couple things to note: instead of hot dogs, which is our staple at most every sporting event, here they eat pies. Meat pies. So, I had one (as it’s been a recurring theme on my trip; Fernvale, Yatala…) and it was good except for two things. 1, it was beef. 2, I’m pretty sure it had lamb in it too. All that said, it was fun to blend in with the locals wearing my scarf and eating my pie! Another thing to note: I was completely distracted by the photographer in front of us. We were in the first row, and on the field right in front of us was a photographer, shooting with a Canon 1d, and a 200-400mm lens. It was massive!! Not as big as the other guy’s 600mm lens, but whatever. I got lots of pics of it! hahaha!! Zoom envy….. The last thing to note: They let people rush out onto the field after, and play footie with their kids! It’s amazing! So we walked across the field at the end, which was convenient because we needed to go out of the gate across the field from us anyway, it was a timesaver. Just be careful of flying footballs – they were everywhere!!

With the help of my spirit gear (scarf!) and changing my profile to the Lions logo, and Daniel Rich, WE WON!!! 100-93!! And, I’m proud to say, this was the last Lions home game of the season, so I’m really glad we took part!! 🙂 Fun fun!


High: The Footie!!

Low: Feeling like death warmed over.

WOD: Piker. Someone who backs out of social commitments, like I did today. I was called a piker…. I was piking…. sorry John!


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