Day 30 – Last Day In Australia

This is a few days late…but I was having trouble sitting down and writing it. For a couple of reasons, like I was sick my last day, and I was full to the brim with emotion!!

On my last day I requested to go back up to the Sunshine Coast to have one last look at Summerland before I go. Lori took me to Coolum Beach once again. The tide was in this time and the spot I was standing taking photos and videos last time, was covered in about 3′ of water now. We wandered alont the beach; I was taking note of the colour of the water, the smell in the air being very fresh – not salty, how Australian sand squeaks under your feet (it does! it’s the weirdest thing), how many things I’ve seen and done since I landed 4 weeks ago. I was marveling at all of it, if I could have sat on that beach and listen to thewaves forever I would have. I started having this emotional shift inside me; part of me longing to stay longer and see more, to find work and a cute beach house and live in summer eternally. Another part of me remembering my friends, family and husband who are all missing me, and wanting me home. Remember I have a new job to start Tuesday, a new chapter of life to explore, and how much I’m missing Scott. And how, inevitably I’ll have to let go of Summerland, and fly back to My Home and Native Land.. OH CANADA!

We came back to Brisbane to get ready for dinner at the Bavarian Bier Cafe with Kerri and Lynny, and all of us. The drive downtown was precarious to say the least. I thought at every bump and turn I was gonna chuck  my cookies! My hand was on the door just in case I had to tuck and roll out of the moving vehicle. Good thing for Matt I was able to hold it together. After having a bit of bread and two cups of peppermint tea, my tummy decided it was safe to have a bit of mashed potato, and I started feeling a little better. Not swinging from the chandeliers or anything, but good enough to attempt a ride on the Brisbane Wheel and see the city from high up. It was a perfect evening (naturally, this IS Summerland after all), the walkway has this great archway all along it, with bougainvillea growing all over it – beautiful purple flowers, looking lovely even at night. Oh, and with all the sickness, I forgot to grab my big camera – I was going to get shots of what Lori calls “The Noodle Box”, which is a pedestrian bridge that I can’t remember the name of. Lots of wires and really interesting looking. Brisbane is knows as the city of bridges, even more than Vancouver!

Fast forward to the next morning… Packed up all my stuff in the car, we dropped BamBam off first to daycare, he was like “BYE!”, of course he’s only 2 and a half so he doesn’t really know A) who I am or B) that I was leaving. It was cute though. We got to the airport about an hour early, which was actually good because it took longer than I thought waiting in customs line-ups. We said our (naturally) teary goodbyes. I honestly can’t express enough gratitude to everyone; Lori for planning my each and every wonderful day in Australia, Lynda for opening her home to me and letting me sleep in her spare room, and borrow Mindy as a snuggle buddy until I could see Doc again, and Matt for…. um….. OH! snorkelling the reef with me and making sure I didn’t get eaten by sharks, laughing at me daily especially at footie games, and taking me to a cemetery at night among the ghosts and ghouls (and wheel-chaired people making scary noises).

Who would have imagined that Lori phoning Canada so long ago to reach out to her extended family would end up like this? They’ve been to Canada and stayed with me and Scott,  perfect strangers really; and now I’ve been to Australia and stayed with them. But the only difference is they ARE family  now.

I love you guys…. and thank you, from the bottom of my grateful Canadian heart. Until next time….


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